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Istvan Antall
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Buffalo hunting
Rare book reflecting on the memorable Amerigo Tot
written by Péter Nemes

The focus is to revive the memory of the fine game of the history of art, and not to shoot it. Peter Nemes sculptor is demanding in both professional and theoretical questions, researching the oeuvre of Amerigo Tot, and not making a guesswork. After a thorough orientation and organisation in he took his camera and followed the tracks all the way to Italy, to collect the intellectual legacy of the praised predecessor, who was a lively bohemian, a colourful creator, a genuine artist, an original thinker in drawings, sculptures, coins, metal, or stone objects, statuettes, movies and anecdotes. Being a creative man himself, he wants to show the world that it is crucial and even more it is a duty to pay attention to the oeuvre before it is diminishing and decaying from the history of art, to raise public awareness in Italy and in Hungary as well.

Amerigo Tot (Tóth Imre 1909-1984) was very popular nationwide at the end of the 60s being an originally thinking sculptor, early media star, race car driver, trained parachutist of the 2nd world war, actor in Italian and American films, whose life history is also a part of the life work, just as the collection of the artistic objects. The life work is always measured with the best pieces of art. The renaissance paraphrases, the mausoleum of the Goldoni family, the frieze of the Termini Station in Rome, the historical relief at the Our Lady of Chapel at the Vatican, the role of nonfigurative statuettes are all masterpieces. It is secondary, how the national culture politics were related to him, how much was he world famous, or how the art scholars find his work ambivalent changing their self-admiration from time to time according to their different theories.

The 20 numbered copies of the album published by the young Péter Nemes remind us, what counts only is the work being done, and the pieces left behind.