amerigo tot research

Peter Nemes
Amerigo Tot Research

Sketches in times of Siesta

Siesta is the time for rest in certain countries. Nobody works at this time and most of the shops are also closed. The definition comes from the Spanish word siesta, which derives directly from the Latin SEXTA (HORA), referring to the sixth hour after sunrise. The habit coming originally from Spain, spread in other countries as well, just like in Italy. Originally the world means “resting time after lunch”. While choosing the title of the exhibition I was influenced by the fact that these pictures might have been made during this relaxed period of time. We are facing with characterised figures reading, sewing, resting, lying, in the corner of the space where the artist might have stood. It is a silent conversation. Sometimes one can also hear the silence, the breathing of the model and the artist, and the sound of the graphite on the paper.