Yank (1945-47)


Peter Nemes
Amerigo Tot Research


After arranging the photo archive I started to put in order the collection of the detailed articles of the Amerigo Tot bibliography the other day. In the issue of 2nd March 1947 of The Rome Daily American I found a photo of a statue so far known as Portrait of a Man, with a striking subtitle stating: "Tot's portrait of an ex-editor of Yank".

I have looked up the above mentioned newspaper, and it turned out that Yank was the weekly paper of the US Army during the Second World War. It had 21 different issues printed in 17 countries where American soldiers were stationed. The articles and reports were sent by the soldiers themselves to the editorial office in New York. The newspaper cost 5-1O cents. The first issue was published in 1942 and the last one in 1945.

Having the stated years we can make a conclusion that the statue was made between 1945 and 1947. So he must have met the mysterious Yank in Tuscany in North Italy, where he made drawings of the 5th American Parachutist Division during the war. The plaster statue of the American was made in Rome after the war according to the sketches and drawings.







Technical DETAILS

YANK (1945-47)


H. 27 cm

Amerigo Tot Legacy

Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary

ATH 003

  • Small Sculptures

This sculpture can be rank with Tot's realist period. Sensibility and the experience of modelling summarizing in this early artwork.


Unfortunately the sculptures of the Amerigo Tot Legacy can't be seen during their restauration. The Amerigo Tot Foundation is working hard to represent all of these works as soon as possible.