Protest (1960-62)


József Mélyi
Art Historian


The Protest photomontage series were made as a common project of AmerigoTot and Cosimo Boccardi between 1960 and 1962. At the time of the creation most probably it was not an equally balanced participation at work: the focus was on the statuettes at the front of the picture, and the photographer was just a secondary partner. The statuette was just a model of the final, huge outdoor statue, which has become a monumental artwork placed in an antique landscape or in an industrious surrounding with some sand and a folded photo paper. It seems that the boom of the big Italian outdoor arts of the 60s stands behind the practical and theoretical background of the photo series. The peak was the Spoleto Festival in 1962, for which Amerigo Tot made a work of art as well – a libretto of a ballet. This was the period when the different genres of art were melted, and Manzoni devoted his book, The Breath of the Artist to outdoor creation. The Protest sculptures of Tot from our point of view look like the dystrophic remnants of the mechanical world, real humanistic monuments. For us they look like utopian plans, while their representation, the photomontage was quite neglected at that time. Nowadays the montages seem to be more interesting then the statues themselves.













PROTEST (1960-62)


H. 15 cm, W. 7 cm

Amerigo Tot Memorial Museum

Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary

ATMM 022

  • Small sculptures

These sculptures were part of the Protest series. Nearly all of them were lost or destroyed only one can be see which was built into the Black Piano in the Spaceship (1967).


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