Retired Wrestler (1947)


Peter Nemes
Amerigo Tot Research

Retired Wrestler

The Retired Wrestler is out of doubt one of the most exciting portrait, the most characteristic of the grotesque series. It is in relation with the Earl, the Foreign Correspondent, Professor Birnbaum the General and the Grotesque portraits.The dishevelled times is embedded in the statue, as Tot put it “ the wrestler, who is completely beaten up, but still wrestles on” . Distorted forms, swinging spaces, emphasised details characterise these works of art. According to the reflections of the sculptor, he started to be interested in the “stretched out forms” after the 2nd World War. The ideal beauty of the renaissance was replaced by the tragic, amorphous shaping of images. The figural works of Tot became characterized, distorted, sharp pointed.
   After the death of the artist (1984) the statue was kept in the storage of the Hungarian National Gallery. Since 2002 it has been exhibited in the Amerigo Tot Memorial Museum in Fehérvárcsurgó together with the other pieces of the legacy.












Technical DETAILS



H 26 cm, W 20 cm

Amerigo Tot Memorial Museum

Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary

ATMM 021

  • Small sculptures

This artwork is the part of Tot's grotesque portrait series.


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